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Crystal bracelet kit

Steampunk pirate skull pendant on antique brass chain necklace

Pirate skull neck

Sterling Silver toe rings in classic band designs

.925 Band Toe Rings

Urban Bohemian distressed leather bracelet display kit

Urban Bohemian Bracelet Kit

Urban Bohemian distressed leather bracelet

Urban leather brac

Crystals imbedding in shaped clay cross pendant

Crystal cross necklace

36pc hair scrunchies in cup cake packaging

36 Scrunchie Cup Cake

Wide tapered Bali beaded bracelet

Indo beadwork bracelets

Three color mix Fun Weevz brand loom link rubberband bracelet

Loom Link Bracelets

144pcs tub of stretch ribbon  ponytail holders

144pc bracelet/Pony Tail holders

Urban Bohemian distressed leather necklace with skull and crossbones pendant

Leather skull neck

Incan Affairs Peruvian earring kit

102pr Incan Affairs kit

We offer a 15 day money back guaranteed and 30 day product exchange on all our trendy jewelry, displays and gifts 
1 866 365 6425, Int. tel (603) 617-2645, Fax (603) 617-2846,  One Washington Street #5017, Dover, NH 03820
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